Q&A: what fresh peeing hell is this?

Kate writes:

"the childwho essentially potty trained himself, was doing totally great every day, seemed to have incredible bladder control....today had FOUR accidents (and is peeing really frequently--every 60-90 min, including waking up from a nap having to go, which has never ever ever happened).

in your anecdotal opinion: medical (infection? no fever or other complaints tho) or something else?"

Out of nowhere, four accidents in one day, and peeing that frequently says urinary tract infection to me.

It's sooooo not uncommon for kids who potty train (especially boys) to be great for a few weeks and then have a relapse for a few weeks. It seems to be tied to kids' personalities or developmental spurts, too. For example, some kids will go through a cranky/stubborn stage and that makes them relapse, or if they concentrate really hard on something else they'll forget about their bladders and they'll have accidents out of nowhere. And kids who train during a period of equilibrium and then hit a period of disequilibrium (read paragraph 5 of this post to read about the equilibrium/disequilibrium theory) can find their bladder control slipping (the same way they might be more clumsy when walking during disequilibrium stages, or might stutter for a few months, etc.).

But the suddenness and ferocity of the accidents makes me think there's something medical going on. And UTIs can be silent in preschoolers, with no other symptoms that the kids can identify or communicate. So I'd swing by the doctor (ha!) or call the triage nurse and get him in for a sample.

Anyone want to talk aabout relapses, either medical or developmentally-based?