Awesomeness: Sleep blog from Isabela Granic

Isabela Granic wrote me yesterday to thank me for the review, and to tell me that she's started a blog to talk about the developmental stuff behind the sleep stuck spots. Here's what she said:

"Hi everyone,
I can't tell you how surreal and fantastic it feels to have Moxie review our book. I've been a LOOOONG-time reader and love this site and all the fabulous people that are part of it.

Just so you know, I have tentatively started a blog to discuss the developmental issues raised in Bed Timing, to put up some of the research studies that the book is based on, and to provide a space where people could ask specific questions about their own sleep-teaching/training issues. I have been incredibly inspired by Moxie and the ethos she has developed through this site and I'm in no way capable of providing her level of wisdom. That's not something I'm even shooting for. What I CAN provide, I think, is some developmental theory and studies that might help us think about sleep issues. Because I am still quite passionate about cognitive and emotional development as it applies to children's sleep, it
just basically felt wrong stopping the discussion when the book was finished.

Also, if you're not sure you want to invest in another sleep book, you can browse through the contents of the book (link is on the blog) and see if you think it's worth your while. "

Cool, huh? Please pop on over and read the posts she's got up already (I particularly like the one about hating the term "sleep training" but having gotten over it.) And if you've read my stuff on sleep regressions and thought, "Yeah, but WHY?" go ask her, because she knows.

Also, I'm just going to say that not only did I tell everyone so (about the 4 months and the 9 months and the 18 months, etc.), but my mom has been saying for years that 6 months is a great time to switch your sleeping arrangement. So she's been telling everyone so, too. ;) I bet your mom or grandma will read the book and start nodding her head in vindication, too.

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