First Ask Moxie class: Release the Yelling

I am excited to announce the first Ask Moxie email-based class. Based on some email exchanges I've had since the anger post a few weeks ago, I thought we could start with yelling.

Release the Yelling
May 1-28
Every day in your email, with two group check-in calls May 14 and 28.

This May, get to the heart of your yelling and release it from your life.

A few email conversations with readers wanting more in-depth help with figuring out how they can stop yelling at their kids led me to the idea of doing a 4-week class. This is like a challenge in that it's going to take focused work every day for four weeks, but I'm going to lead you through the work with specific questions.

Nothing in life is one-size-fits all. We all yell for different reasons, so there's no magic cure that's going to work for everyone. With that as the guiding principle, the questions I'll send are going to help you draw out:

  • why you yell (it could be simple or complex, painful or just bad planning)
  • how to control the situation so you avoid yelling triggers
  • what's realistic and not, for you, your kids, and the situation
  • alternatives to yelling that will work for you
  • how to forgive yourself and rub some dirt on it when you do yell

I'm not going to stop you from yelling, but I will ask you the questions you need to figure out why you yell and to set up your own systems for moving to a place that gives you more mastery.


Once you sign up for the course, you'll get a welcome message. Then you'll get an email every day from May 1 through May 28, containing a few questions for you to answer about yourself, your kids, and how you feel. I may also link you to some other reading I think is helpful on the topic.

On May 14 in the evening we'll have a conference call to check in and see how it's going, what challenges you're facing, etc. and strategize going into the second half. Then on May 28 we'll have a follow-up call to see how you're doing at the end relative to the beginning. About two weeks after the course is over I'll send a follow-up email to see how you're progressing after the course is over.

If you're ready to focus on the questions and get a handle on your yelling sooner rather than later, sign up here (you can use your Paypal account or just charge a credit card one time through Paypal):

If you can't see that button, click through here to register.