Product Review: Neosporin Cream and Spray

The nice people at Mom Central sent me some samples of Neosporin antibacterial cream, ointment, and spray to try out. And when I got it in the mail I thought, "Why, exactly, did I sign up for this tour again?" Because, you know, it's Neosporin. Everyone uses it when their kids have scrapes and cuts and whatnot. And what were these samples going to tell me that I didn't already know from years of using it?

Except....the little Neo-To-Go pocket/purse/keychain spray thing is awesome. I've had it sitting in the bottom of my purse and have used it way more than I thought I would. It's designed so you can't accidentally spray it inside your purse (OK, probably *somebody* can accidentally spray it, but I didn't). And I have a resister (my almost-4-year-old) who does not want *anyone* touching anything that happens to him. (Which may be why he has two scars on his forehead already.) He is totlaly fine with being sprayed, as long as he gets to help spray it. Two thumbs up.

The other samples they sent seemed like regular old Neosporin--one was the clear goop, and the other was a white cream (I'm still not sure what the difference is between those two). But, but, but, but! They now have a pain reliever along with the antibacterial stuff. Which means that when my resister yanked a hangnail in his toe and it got all red and ouchy, he actually sat still and let me put the Neosporin on it without crying or fighting or kicking me in the face, because the Neosporin made it stop hurting.

Five thumbs up on that.

So if you haven't checked out the new delivery methods and formulations, it might be worth swinging past that aisle the next time you're in the drugstore.