Product Review: Asus Eee PC laptop

Since I'm reviewing things anyway, let me review my laptop that I've had for a few months.

I got the Asus Eee PC 904, which is a teeny tiny little thing (I named her Ava). I was looking for something a) cheap, and b) tiny, and she's both. Only US$320 (and free shipping), she runs XP and has 160 GB of storage. Intel Atom processor. 6 hour battery life. And she warms up really quickly (in about 10 seconds from off to ready to go).

My needs are the internet, writing, and storing phootos and MP3s, and she's a champ for all of that. And I can just toss her in my shoulder bag and go. She's a dream at the airport, and a conversation piece in public.

There are some quirks:

  • The screen is only 8.9 inches diagonally, so it's a little small and you have to get used to it. It wouldn't be right if you do a ton of photo editing.
  • The keyboard is a little narrow. I think my hands are about as big as you'd want to have to type on it. (I wear a size 7 1/2 shoe US/38 European, if that helps you know how big my hands are.) I can't imagine it working well for a man, although it would be perfect for a kid.
  • She has no disc drive. Three USB ports, so you can put in a flash drive, but no CDs/DVDs. (There's a really detailed review on telling how to network the Eee with another laptop on your home wireless and loading a CD onto the other laptop and then moving it onto the Eee, if you're interested.)

Other than that, though, the Eee is surprisingly robust and easy to use. I recommend it as a second laptop, a travel laptop, a laptop for a child, or a laptop for an adult woman who doesn't need a big screen. You absolutely can't beat the price. (I mentioned it was just over three hundred bucks?)