Q&A: killing bugs inside the house

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Also, I'm thinking about doing a webinar (sorry, but I can't think of another good word for a web-based seminar with movement and sound) on that weird stage from 20-24 months when they have separation anxiety or only want one parent and get all sorts of strange fears. I'll schedule it for the week after Labor Day, and will put up more info when I have everything scheduled.

And now for a small question to lighten the load after yesterday's topic. "No name" writes:

"Now that spring has sprung a few bugs have snuck into the house.  How do I explain killing bugsto my 3.5 year old?  I want him to respect living things.  I personally don't have a problem stepping on an ant in the house, but I'm not sure how to ethically explain the difference to him?  I don't want him to become a bug killer and stomp on every bug he sees on the sidewalk.  What's the best way to explain it, while still showing respect for life that a 3.5 year old can understand? "

It would never have occurred to me that this would be an issue. I always thought that bugs outside were in their homes and should be left alone, and bugs inside were in my home and were therefore fair game to be squished.

Is this cruel? (I also don't feel lots of sympathy for those people who jump into the polar bear cages at the zoo and then get mauled, but would feel awful if a person was attacked by a bear inside a house.) What do you do or teach your kids?