I can't get the help situation out of my head, so you're going to have to bear with another post about it.

My grandfather had cancer when he was in his early 50s, and went through a really super-aggressive chemo/radiation protocol. As a result of that, he had a bad taste in his mouth all the time for the rest of his life.

At first, he tried chewing tobacco to get rid of the taste, but that didn't seem to make a lot of sense in light of the whole cancer thing. So when I was maybe 7 or 8 he switched to Wrigley's Doublemint gum (the smell still reminds me of him). Then he got tired of the gum, and went through a series of hard candies. He stuck with Werther's Originals for probably the last ten years of his life.

He always had a pocket full of Werthers Originals, and he'd hand them out to anyone he thought needed one. my college friends will still talk about him and the Werther's Originals he gave them whenever he saw them, but he'd also just hand them out to random people he thought could  use some candy.

I think about that almost every day, about how I should really have a pocket full of candy to hand out to people who need it. I'd probably go with chocolate, though, since chocolate is the candy that really says "I'm sorry this sucks, but have a few seconds of comfort."

What would people do if they had a screaming toddler in the grocery store and I just handed them a piece of chocolate with a whispered "for you, not the kid!"? What would you do? Would you think I was insane? I have a feeling that at certain times if someone had given me a piece of chocolate (or even a kind word) I'd have broken down in tears just because no one had shown any compassion to me in so long.

Carrying chocolate all the time would be dangerous, but I wonder if I could make a conscious effort to make kind remarks to people, and if that would help them, and me. I know it's not going to solve the bigger problems I have, and the bigger help I need, and the bigger help that other people need. But maybe it might make those strained moments a little more bearable.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this. But it seems like all this energy in the need should be able to be flipped around somehow to create fulfillment, instead, for all of us. Or is that just a misunderstanding of physics and wishful thinking?