My new project

A few weeks ago I posted that I was working on a new project that had to do with a bunch of us. I've been getting more and more emails from people who've lost jobs or had hours cut or are worried about losing jobs or businesses. My own freelance work has been in flux, and lots of my friends are worried about losing jobs or have lost jobs. (Even my dad is now involuntarily furloughed every Wednesday from his job.)

So I've started a project called The Downsized Parent, about staying emotionally healthy and connected to your kids while under job/financial stress. The website is up now, and is a connecting spot for parents who have lost jobs or businesses or hours or are worried about it. I have an agent and am writing a book (called The Downsized Parent), and while we're waiting for the book I'm getting the website up and running to connect and support all of us in this scary economy.

Right now I'm primarily trying to gather stories from anyone who wants to share them. The worst thing about being an un- or underemployed parent is the fear and shame, so getting our stories out there is going to connect us. Sharing your story will help you feel less alone, and it will also help everyone else out there by letting them know they're not alone, either. Share your story in the comments here (as usual, anonymous comments are welcome!).

I'm also sharing content from the book--sign up for the mailing list (sign-up box is in the right-hand column at and you'll get a short email every few days with another idea from the book.

And I'm trying to get the word out about staying emotionally healthy, so if anyone out there has media connections that would be interested in covering the emotional side of parenting in a recession (not just the financial stuff), please pass them on to me.