Q&A: Diaper rash!

Whoa. Another symptom of all this rain, aside from frizzy hair and stir-craziness, seems to be diaper rash. I don't think I' e gotten any diaper rash questions in months, and then here they are all over the place.

I think that if your normal diaper rash creams/ointments (and everyone's got a favorite, whether it's Aquaphor or a zinc oxide cream) aren't working right now, it may be a fungus, not a straight-up rash, from the sogginess of the air.

If the irritated skin is flat, slightly raised patches that look oozy, you're looking at a fungus. The treatment is simple--over-the-counter antifungal cream (lotrimin) from the pharmacy.It should clear it up within a few days (especially if you can give your child some diaper-free time to air out).

As long as this strange rain is going on, though, the fungus could come back. So stay vigilant and be prepared to keep fighting it off.

Anyone want to reminisce about fungal diaper rashes you've known? My older son would get one every time he was teething.