The next step

As you may know or have guessed, for months I've been trying to figure out how to:

1) Keep Ask Moxie free and add some more free features, and

2) Go deeper into the things that are behind how we parent and work on that with readers who want more focus.

I've been feeling like answering questions here is giving people a fish, when what I really want to do is help us all figure out what's behind our parenting so we can come up with our own best answers and troubleshoot for ourselves.

And I finally figured it out: the winner is.... More Moxie!

More Moxie is a subscription-based group working to figure out what's going on behind our parenting, to get us past the stuck spots and conflicts, and make our values and processes explicit.

In other words, let's figure it out!


* We're going to do a different topic for two months at a time (so we have the space to dig in and think and process).

* Members get a weekly emailed assignment (reading and some questions to answer about yourself--it should take about 20 minutes, plus time to marinate in your head during the week), a private message board to talk about the assignments and topic with other members, a CD/MP3 of a conversation with an advisor on the topic, and a monthly discussion call (three different times) on the topic.

* The cost is only US$30 a month--you pay for the two-month unit, so US$60 every other month. Less than a cup of coffee a day, and an entire year of More Moxie is less than one live month-long parenting class or a month of therapy.

* Topics through the rest of 2009:

July/August: "Trusting Your Instincts as a Parent" Learn about why we tend not to trust ourselves, how your individual personality characteristics influence how you listen to yourself, and how to
see yourself as the expert on your own kids.

September/October: "Stress and Creating Margins for Yourself as a Person and a Parent" The fall is when work and school and other obligations crank up. We'll explore how we react to stress and how to create margins for ourselves so we don't get fried.

November/December: "Teaching Kids Your Values During the Holiday Gauntlet" Every year there's confusion and angst about how to make it through the holiday season without feeling like we're selling out ourselves or our kids. Let's work on it in a methodical fashion so we can create the good and float above the parts that don't work for us.

* The first unit starts July 1, so sign up now:

Or through this link:

And please pass this on to anyone you think would be interested.

I'm really excited about this group and hope that you'll all sign up and get your friends to sign up, too, so we can start to figure out how everything works together and how to make it easier.