Chicago meetup, assorted, and potty regressions

Chicago meetup this Sunday at 2 pm at the Bean in Millennium Park.

Things are starting to come together in my apartment and for BlogHer. A friend designed cards for me, which are being shipped to my hotel. Now if i can only find a cat-feeder before tomorrow morning...

Curious minds want to know about the apartment: I'm not sure how big it is (maybe 900 sq feet), but it's a two-bedroom, so the boys are still sharing a room, but this one is huge. And I have counter space in the kitchen, which is amazing. The last apartment had barely any.  And it just has a better vibe in general, and no creepy memories. Lots of sunlight.

Today's question is about potty-training regressions. I've gotten a few email questions in the weeks before the move (and from other friends) about kids who potty train and then after a few days or a week regress.

I think there are two distinct situations. One is with younger kids (2-3 years old) who train. It seems like regressions in kids that age are the result of learning the new physical and emotional skill. They do relaly well when they first start doing it, but then get a little fatigued from the concentration and may have a relapse. It's normal and not anything to worry about. Just carry on the same way you did during potty training, and clean up any accidents while still affirming that the child can do it and this is just an exception.

The other situation is when kids who train at an older age (over 3 or so) potty train and then stop wanting to use the potty. This, to me, seems like a more emotional issue. The kids might have issues with being "big" and want to test to see if they can still be a baby. Or it might be a form of rebelion against something else.

This seems to be a little trickier to deal with, since you don't want to turn it into a control game. The goal, I think, is to make using the toilet just a given, with no emotional importance whatsoever. So if an older child regresses, if you can, just keep on as if of course the child is going to keep using the toilet. No emotional response, just staying the course with using the toilet.

What do you all think? Have you been through it? My kids both did the small physical regressions because they both trained before they were 3. How have people dealt with the regression/refusal in older kids?