It's back: The Release the Yelling Class

I've gotten a couple of requests for the Release the Yelling class again!

When we ran it in May, not only did I come to peace with and seriously reduce *my* yelling, but I also heard from many of the participants that they were able to reduce the yelling they did by changing logistical and emotional things, and they had less emotional distress when they did find themselves yelling. A couple of the participants told me that it had helped them change the way they saw themselves as parents and realize they were doing a better job than they'd thought!

Based on some feedback from the participants in the first class, which ran for four weeks in May, I've reformatted the class to fit into two weeks instead of four.

The goals are the same:

* To help you figure out why you yell and when you yell

* To help you determine what your triggers are and how to avoid them

* To assess the effect your yelling is having on your kids (or spouse or animals or coworkers)

* To help you make peace with your urge to yell so you can look at it objectively

* To help you create a plan to stop or minimize the yelling you do

The original class sent you one question a day for 28 days. Version 2.0 is going to group those questions to send you 2-4 questions to think about every day M-F for twoweeks, with weekends off (another request from participants in the first version). So it's going to be more intense, but over a shorter period of time.

It'll also contain one call-in discussion at the end.

Class starts next Wednesday, July 15, and runs for three days that week, M-F of the next week, and two days of the last week of July, ending on July 28. I'm starting it then because it makes sense in the curriculum to have a two-day break after the first three classes for observation. Also, this way we can get the entire thing in before everyone heads off on vacation in August.

The cost is US$26.00.

You can sign up by clicking this button:

If you can't see the button, click through this link:

I'll run it again in October if people ask for it, but not before then because of vacation and the start of school.