killing me softly

1) I just wrote a post that felt great to write, like I was really doing something useful. I hit "Submit" and then the server reset. The whole post is gone.

2) Verizon Wireless is charging me $500 for trying to do the right thing. My BlackBerry stopped working, so I got a replacement (I had replacement insurance), and the guy switched my numbers to the new one and handed me back the old one and wished me good luck. So I donated the old one, since it could still dial 911. But apparently I was supposed to return the old one (no one told me), and now they're charging me $499 for it! I do not have $499. And it's not even a good phone.

I feel sick. Are things ever just not going to suck? I need a hug. And a new phone. (And a new provider, too.)

I'll try to rewrite the post tomorrow.