Movies for family movie night?


Move technically completed, but I spent 20 minute trying to find the box with my deodorant this morning. And now I'm going to clean out my old apartment. Prayers welcome...

Movers awesome (I'll write an actual review so Google picks it up this weekend) and Con Ed was great, too.

Today's talk-amongst-yourself topic is a special request from RudyinParis. She would like movie recommendations. Every Friday night in their house is family movie night, and she's hoping you can give good recs.

My pick is "Drumline" with Nick Cannon  as a kid with mad drumming skillz who goes to college at a fictional HBCU and joins the drumline there. Amazing drum and band scenes. There's some mild smack-talking, and a little conflict when band members don't obey the director (Orlando Jones), and some sexual innuendo that will completely go over the heads of kids under the ages of 10. Every time my kids watch this movie they go crazy druming on everything for a week.