Still no internet, and are you sleeping?

I'm typing this from my BlackBerry. I still have no internet, but am hoping the cable guy comes today. And then that I can find the box with my router and figure out how to set it up. Sigh. (I really need full-time tech support. Or a keeper.)

If you're in a class, your emails are set up--I just can't queue them to send from here. So unfortunately they're going to all come through together later today when I can get on. I apologize for that.

Question: I feel like there's an epidemic of insomnia right now. Even people I know who usually have no trouble sleeping are having problems. Anyone experiencing this? I feel like I'm the only person I know who get a decent night's sleep last night.

(I still love magnesium. I've been rubbing magnesium oil into my feet before bed and have actually been sleeping, even with all my life chaos.)

Anyone having insomnia?