what are you wearing?

Today we have a question submitted by me, in honor of going back to working in an office. Moxie writes:

"Hi Moxie: first and long. I'm going back to work in an office after freelancing for half a year. Could we talk about what to wear? My industry tends to be casual but not anything-goes, so I think I'm OK on days in the office with a dress and flats or slacks/T/jacket/heels. But my question is about client meetings and site visits. Is it worse to be overdressed or underdressed?

Oh, and my boss is no help. He's a man, so he wears jeans to the office and khakis/polo to client site visits.

I try to see this as a fun exercise in demonstrating my creativity and sense of self, but part of me wishes women had the same kind of uniform men do."

So there you have it. I'm not really asking you to tell me what to wear for my first client site visit, but I would love to hear what you wear. If you work in an office or on a jobsite, if you work from home, and if you're home fulltime with your kids. Are there any unwritten rules? (Playground moms in the part of NYC I used to live in didn't wear shortsiijust skirts or capris or jeans, for example.)

After months freelancing I'm thinking about it on an individual level and a larger scale, too, about how what we wear affects how we work and feel. So let me know what you think, please.