More Deep Thoughts

Spending too much time talking to my mom to delve into baby/kid issues the way they deserve. And talking to her is bringing up all sorts of stuff.

Today I'm wondering about the path not taken. I know we're supposed to be living with no regrets, blah blah blah. But I've been thinking a lot over the last four or so years about what I could have done (in any number of situation) and what might have happened. It could have inspired despair (hey, ex-boyfriend became super-awesome and successful but still funny and kind!) but instead it's been inspiring me toward a better decision-making process for the present.

So. The road not taken. Any thoughts? I'm looking for stuff about process and content, but if you want to 'fess up to something you wish you had or hadn't done, feel free to. To post anonymously, just fill in a fake email field and put in the URL field.