Primal Scream Thursday

I'm so, so sorry everýone for disappearing on you. Let's have a little primal scream here. As usualy, everyone's issues are unique so there's no misery poker. No issue too big or small to post.

Here are mine:

1. I went completely AWOL on you and didn't even realize it until yesterday.

2. I was on a business trip and got a speeding ticket. I can call next week to get the amount I owe, which I fear will be as much as the cost of an actual car.

3. My apartment looks like a bomb went off in it. Still boxes, and I can't find the hardware to put my couch or dining table back together.

4. I'm freaking out slightly about my kids getting older and not wanting me anymore.

See, mine are kind of whiny and not so bad. What are yours?