Q&A: molar teething

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Hey, hey--teething! Apparently there are a lot of kids dealing with molars coming in, and a lot of parents not dealing with it so well.

To recap all the major symptoms of teething (molars or not):
Drool stool (shards of drool in the poop)
Cough from drool running down the back of the throat
Runny nose (clear) from the drool
Rash around the mouth from drool
Rash around the anus from the changed acidity of the poop from the drool
Stinky acidic poop
Problems falling asleep and staying asleep
Sudden shooting pains
Flash fevers that spike and then go away
Constant low-grade fever
Wanting to chew things
Sticking fingers in their mouths
Drinking more milk
Not wanting to eat or drink at all
Pulling on the ears

...and I've probably forgotten some.

If your child has none of these, and just sails through teething, that's normal. But it's also normal for your child to be a big mess of symptoms for teething, too.

In some ways, the molars are slightly easier because at least your child kind of understands that the pain is from teeth. But they can take so long to come in that the pain almost becomes constant and your kid can get worn out just from dealing with it. If you feel comfortable giving pain relievers, give them so your child can get a little rest from the pain.

Were there any things that have helped your kids get their molars in? Mine liked to gnaw on the handles of wooden spoons--they could shove them back there but the spoons wouldn't get lost or accidentally be swallowed. The homeopathic remedies that helped so much when they were babies (Hyland's teething tablets or Humphrey's #3 formula) didn't seem to touch the molar irritability.

What did your kids like? What helped them?