Q&A: toddler not eating

Andi writes:

"I'm getting a little scared for my son. He's almost 2, and for the past two weeks almost all he's eaten has been milk. He'll eat breakfast in the morning. Usually waffles, a banana, and maybe some watermelon. But for the rest of the day all he wants is milk and maybe some grapes. Do you think it could be the heat wave? We live in Texas. I'm just scared he's getting some kind of problem I've never heard of before."

I love it when people answer their own questions. Most kids (unless they do have feeding issues, which you'd have noticed before age 2) go through spurts of eating nothing but certain foods or refusing things they previously loved. But I think this has a whole lot to do with the heat. If you look at the pattern, he eats in the cool of the morning, and then the rest of the day he's just keeping his fluid levels up. Makes sense to me, but then I consumed almost nothing but iced coffee all day Monday when the weather was like Borneo here. (Apologies to any Bornean readers, but the high heat and humidity combo kills me.)

If I thought this would last forever, I'd be worried. But to me it sounds like yet another example of human beings being ultimately flexible to get our needs met. He's covering calories, fluids, and vitamins. I'd make sure I'm also offering water. And you might see if he'll eat at night when it's cooler, even if it's after his designated dinnertime. I'll bet cash money that he goes back to eating on a more regular pattern when it gets a little cooler.

Is anyone else dealing with weather-related eating patterns in your kids? Or yourself? Or your pets? (My cats pretty much only want to eat at night when it's hot.) What are your kids favorite hot-weather snacks? (Grapes win hands-down here.)