Life fluency FAIL

Crash and burn on the morning commute. Subway screwed up and going local the whole way. (For those of you not lucky enough to be exposed to the horrors of public transit, an "express" train skips stops so it covers more territory faster, while a "local" stops at every stop. The worst-case scenario for the carefully-timed express train commute is that the train "goes local" in the middle of the trip with no warning. Yeah.) Boy 1 late for school, which cascaded to Boy 2 being late for school, which cascaded to my arriving at work 7 minutes before a really important conference call I was leading.

Safety nets. I do not have one.

Who else out there is operating without a safety net? Is there anything to be done about this?

At work I can rely on co-workers to help pick up slack if I need it. I don't have this in any other area, unless I can pay someone to do it. I know I'm not alone. It feels like there should be some kind of way to make this easier on all of us. Ideas? I can't think of anything other than living in communes...