New to having two

I'm getting some calls for help from moms who've just had a second child. Nothing specific--the general questions of "Why did I do this?? What am I doing? How do other people do this? Does it ever get better?" And I could give my long treatise on it, but honestly, those early weeks and months of having two just aren't as clear in my memory anymore.

I'm not sure if it's simply the passage of time, or that my mind is too full of school supply and class list and work issues to have room for that memory on the front burner. (I suspect that I've submerged most of that time the way I submerged a lot of the time I was married.) But you! You are still there on the front lines with two or three kids, or you're so far out the other end that it's all coming back to you now.

So please help our friends who are just entering the tunnel of having two kids. What do you wish someone had told you:

1. Before you had your second?
2. In the first six weeks of having two?
3. When the baby was a few months old?
4. When the baby was a year old?

I'll start:

1. It's all going to be OK.
2. It's all going to be OK, so just keep everyone fed and you're doing an awesome job.
3. It's all going to be OK, but you need a break! Swallow your pride and ask someone to take the kids while you sleep or do something fun.
4. It's all going to be OK. Soon they will both be in school.

Now it's your turn.