Sharing and Caring Week: Morning Routines

This was such a horrifying and popular topic last year when we did it that I thought I'd bring it back for this year.

The idea is that we all share our morning routines, from the time we wake up until the time everyone's situated (either at school, work, has the day started at home, etc.). I loved reading the variety in people's situations, and it also helps make me realize that my own commute isn't so bad.

I'll start:

Alarm goes off at 6:30. I wrestle with the idea of getting out of bed to exercise and usually bail on that. 20 minutes of semi-conscious daydreaming later I hop into the shower. While I'm in the shower, one or both boys come in to the bathroom and flush the toilet, scalding me.

I get out of the shower and make sure the kids are awake and getting dressed in the clothes I've laid out on their desk chairs the night before. Check work BlackBerry and answer any early emails from CEO or boss. Feed ingrate cats.

I turn on some music to get us pumped up (the '80s channel on cable is a big hit). They've told me the night before what they'd like for breakfast, so I start that process. Pull my 7-year-old's lunch out of the refrigerator and put it in his backpack. Add anything else to his backpack. Double-check lunchbox and snacks for 4-year-old.

Check their getting-dressed progress and help/harrass as necessary. Get them started eating. Check clock and inevitably discover it's 5 minutes later than it should be. Get dressed, put on minimal makeup, brush hair. Text friends who've texted me since the night before. Update Facebook status. Make sure all keys, electronic devices, shoes, and foods are in my bag.

Dump breakfast dishes into sink, prod shoe-putting-on, turn off music, grab bags and leave the house by 7:50 with both boys. Go into subway and wait seemingly interminable amount of time for train to leave. Occupy kids with scintiallting conversation so they don't start punching each other on the long ride downtown. Get off at 8:35ish and walk 5 blocks to 7-year-old's school. Drop him off, then yank 4-year-old 5 blocks back to the subway to ride cross-town. Get off subway and walk 4 blocks, drop 4-year-old off at school at 9 am. Walk 6 blocks to subway and get on. Ride one stop, switch trains, ride one long stop, get off, and walk 4 blocks to work.

(This week I'll also add that during that whole time I'm thinking about finding new permanent babysitter and how to work all the drop-offs and pick-ups for the week. Especially since I'll be out of town Thursday night and Friday morning on a business trip. Yeah.)

What's yours?