Sharing and Caring Week: Schedule and Paper Management

Let's talk schedule and paper management.

Last year everything was awesome calendar-wise. My office used Gmail as our email server, so our calendars were on Gmail. My personal calendar was, too. I made one each for the kids, and my ex-husband shared his, and our babysitter shared hers. Et voila! Everyone's schedules all right in one place, color-coded, and I could add national holidays, Jewish holidays, etc. at will.

(Funny side note: I'm so used to making screenshots to illustrate things at work now that I almost pulled up my calendar, took a screen shot, and posted it here, as if you couldn't figure it out. Hahahahahahaha.)

Now, I'm at a job I love waaaaay better, but we use Outlook. And I don't know if there's any way to integrate my work Outlook calendar with my personal Gmail calendar.

In other morasses: the paper from school. So far I'm dealing effectively with the papers I'm not interested in by recycling them ASAP. I just file things like handbooks and contact lists in my physical file cabinet. And the new director of my son's preschool is very anti-paper, so she just emails everything. (And labels everything well in emails, which is a total win for Gmail users.)

But all the assignments, and notices we're supposed to hold on to and return in a week, and all of that stuff you can't really throw away but don't know what to do with.

I'm thinking of getting magazine racks, one for each kid and one for me, and putting them near the door, and putting papers that are "in progress" in those. Has anyone done anything like this?

How do you manage schedules? And how do you manage paper? (Is there any way to integrate a work Outlook calendar with a bunch of Gmail calendars?)