Sharing and Caring Week: Stuff Management

How do you manage it? The toys and clothes, especially?

I'm wondering if anyone has a good system for managing kids' stuff (and your adult stuff, frankly). I feel like no matter how often I weed out toys they seem to multiply. And, theoretically, books aren't a problem, but they seem to multiply, too.

My only technique for clothes management is to toss anything that doesn't fit my older one into a plastic bin, toss anything that doesn't fit my younger one into a bag of clothes to be sent to a friend with a 1-year-one son, and toss anything not in wearable condition into the bag that goes to textile recycling at my local farmers' market.

(We're talking about schedule management tomorrow, and somehow I feel like the crazy influx of paper from the school is part of that, so hold off on comments about paper management until tomorrow.)

Also, is anyone else completely motivated by the TV show "Hoarders"? It terrifies me, and that makes me very productive with cleaning, sorting, and getting rid of stuff during the show.

How do you manage your stuff?