Yelling, the class and the constant process

I still don't know exactly what happened with the first More Moxie class, but all the emails have been resent so everyone in that class should have gotten them by now. I apologize for screwing it up.

I've been working on reformatting the questions for the Release the Yelling class. (Starts this Thursday and runs for 3 weeks M-F. I email you a question every day to help you identify and work through your yelling issues. $21, and sign up here.)

I'm wondering if people who've taken the class in the first two sessions would chime in and talk about how it helped them or not.

I know I worked through some of my issues with yelling, particularly about the morning routine, and have largely conquered that now. My big yelling trigger was when it was time to put on shoes in the morning and they wouldn't and wouldn't and wouldn't.

However, my other big trigger is when they physically fight with each other. I'm having more problems with this one, and am trying to work through it. So I'll be doing the exercises for the class along with everyone who takes it in an effort to get over that yelling as I've largely gotten over the footwear-related yelling.

Anyone who took either of the first two sessions want to talk about what happened with you during the course of the course?

Or anyone else want to talk about triggers?