Looking for a map for sisterhood

My brother's getting married in two days. I'm anticipating super-busy day at work as I finish stuff up to be gone tomorrow, and then as soon as I get to our hometown it's going to be non-stop activity.

I wanted to put up a post, but all I can think about is how this is going to change my family in a good way. My brother gets a wife and two great in-laws, and my parents get a daughter and two great co-parents, and my kids get an aunt and two new pseudo-grandparents. And I get a sister and two out-laws.

I've written before about how I've always wanted a sister, and how excited I am to finally have one who wants to be my sister as much as I want to be hers.

I'm wondering if we could talk about forging new family relationships as adults. How that works and doesn't work.

I feel like I may be getting the best end of the deal--someone supportive and fun who loves me and who I love, but without years of baggage. But maybe it doesn't work that way. Maybe the baggage just generates itself over time?

Can we talk about the whole process of integrating people in who enter as adults? And maybe some best practices for being as thoughtful and aware of how to keep the relationships functional and healthy?

I know some of you must have done this, so please teach us.