I'm so sorry I've been MIA. I had a work trip, then 36 hours at home, then another work trip, which I'm still on.

Can we talk about the process of separation from your children? I've been thinking, while I've been away from my kids so much this week, about how when they were infants I couldn't imagine a time when I would ever be away from them.

Then they started to walk away from me. Then they started to run away from me. Then I realized they had emotional lives that were separate from mine.

It's a strange thing, to realize your kids have lives that you are not the lead character in. (I was particularly surprised to realize that my son had an extensive knowledge of and interest in Yankees baseball, which I don't care about at all.)

Is anyone else thinking about this? How do you manage the knowledge that they have to separate, and you need for them to separate, with this longing for the closeness you had and the primacy you had in their lives?