Puppy love: I'm confused

First of all, I'd like to think I coined the word Nobelama at 10:09 am Eastern Time today, but maybe someone else beat me to it.

Now, for today's topic. Young crushes.

I happen to know a boy in second grade who has been the recipient of some slightly amorous attention (a kiss on the cheek at recess) from a girl. He seemed conflicted about the attention ("I kind of didn't like it, but kind of liked it."). And then a few days ago he told me how beautiful the girl's eyes are.

Then today I heard about another boy the same age who had a mash note from another child in his class in his school backpack.

This is all too soon!

I'm not talking about early sexualization, which we all know happens and is not good. I'm talking about crushes and puppy love and developing romantic attachments to other kids the same age.

When does it happen? When should it happen? Are we faster here in North America than in other places?

Should I be worried about this? Should you be worried about this?

If 40 is the new 20, and I'm 36 right now, does that mean my son and I could be going through adolescent romantic woes at the same time?

Who was your first real-life crush? (Mine was a kid in the fourth grade, when I was in second grade, who sang "Longer Than" at the elementary school talent show in 1980.) Do you think having crushes like that helps us develop emotionally, or hurts us in the long run?

Talk to me.