Q&Q: back pain

Angela wrote me a lovely note asking about nursing pillows. She is having a ton of back pain, and thought switching pillows might help.

But I don't think the problem is actually the pillow (she was wondering about switching from one kind to another kind that looked identical to me). I think the problem is the way she's sitting to nurse, combined with carrying a baby all the time, and pushing a stroller, and lugging around all the crap we lug around for babies.

That got me started thinking about the back pain *I* experience from carrying around my big mom purse full of crap, as well as carrying my younger son's backpack in the morning. It feels like I'm a pack mule. With shoulder tension and a backache.

*Then* I started wondering if all the insomnia everyone I know is suffering might have something to do with muscle pain.

It seems like it's probably all related. And that we'd be better off if we could figure out a way to lessen the strain we put on our bodies.

So, ideas? I'm vowing to wear more supportive shoes during my commute and wait to put on the heels until I get to work. I'm also going to make sure I take everything out of all of our backpacks each night and only carry the stuff we'll actually need.

I'm also going to do some stretching in the morning (my stretch of choice is the T-Tapp Primary Back Stretch).

Does anyone have any suggestions to lessen the strain? Or do you want to complain about your pains? Either or both are fine.