Between the local crisis of the knife fight and the national crisis of the Fort Hood shooting, I've been thinking about the fact that I have no emergency plan.

Back when I was still married and we all lived together and worked on the same island and I was at home, our emergency plan was pretty direct and clear.

But we're divorced now, and I work on a different land mass than my kids go to school in, and their dad works a good 5 miles away from both of their schools, and we have no emergency plan anymore. If their dad does, I don't know what it is.

That has to change.

I am putting this up to force myself to come up with a solid, concrete plan and then work on it with my kids' dad to make sure it works for all of us. And also to force you all to reevaluate your plans, or make them if you never did.

What if something happened at your workplace? Your spouse's workplace? Your children's schools? Your city? How would you communicate? Where would you meet? What records would you have with you?

What other questions do we need to ask ourselves?

If anyone has good plans, would you post them (obviously take out specific locations) so the rest of us can get an idea of how you work it? Thank you.

My first task is to figure out how I could walk from Long Island City to Manhattan...