Primal Scream Wednesday

You know how this works. I'll start:

My commute continues to bash me over the head with a large anvil, leaving no space/time/energy for posting here, which makes me feel sad and like something's missing.

I turned off my alarm when it went off this morning and woke up 41 minutes later.

I left my phone on the table this morning, and am out-of-pocket with the babysitter because of it. Also, the cats may be placing international calls or sending mean texts with it.

My younger one refused to get dressed this morning, then that cascaded into a really bad morning including crying from both of us.

I forgot to pee before I started the commute and had to hold it for what seemed like 5 hours and 8 or 9 boroughs worth of subway riding.

Work is kicking my ass this morning in a someone-else-didn't-do-what-they-were-supposed-to-do kind of way and now my company (me, specifically) is dealing with it.

I left a dirty dish in the office sink last night and that makes me feel like a jerk for doing that to our office manager.

I'm cold.

Tomorrow is only going to be worse, in all likelihood.

And, my coworker just asked me if that was my toast in the toaster oven. Yes. Yes, it is.

Now someone with real problems, please post.