Q&A: girls peeing in public restrooms

Single dad Richard wonders:

"My 3-year-old daughter is almost completely potty-trained, and I'm beginning to wonder: Are women's rooms as disgusting as men's rooms are? I've been taking my daughter into the men's room and just changing her diaper at the station, but what do I do now that she's out of diapers? I can't take her into the women's room, and I can't imagine letting her sit on the toilet seat in the men's room."

Wow. Yet another thing I never really contemplated, what with being a woman and having boys.

I started thinking about how I'd teach a daughter to pee in the women's room. I would *not* teach her to hover over the seat, because that just causes a mess on the seat for the next person, plus a huge chance of bounce-back onto her. Instead, I'd teach her to make a seat cover out of toilet paper, probably with a wipe-off first (from the hoverer before her) and then a couple of layers.

I don't know that there's any reason Richard and other dads can't (or don't) do this. I think if I were routinely going into men's rooms I'd probably carry wipes with me, and maybe the dad could do a wipe first before making the toilet seat cover.

Or, there might be some gadget that's been invented for exactly this purpose that I just don't know about. If someone else is more up on Baby Skymall (the One Step Ahead catalog, featuring dubiously necessary baby gadgets) than I am, is there some miracle thing that lets little girls pee cleanly in a men's room?

If not, one of you dad should hop on that.

It kind of makes me want to move out into the woods where we can all just pee against a tree. But not really.

More elegant solutions than the toilet paper cover? Hilarious and/or disgusting stories of public restrooms? (I once had to pee in a public square in a small town in Mexico after spending the night in an ATM booth, because of massive hotel-related miscommunication. I don't miss my early 20s one bit.)