This post was supposed to post on Thanksgiving, but once again I didn't set auto-post correctly, so it didn't:

Four years ago at this time I started Ask Moxie as a joke, because people asked me to, because I had nothing else to give. I had an almost-4-year-old and a 6-month-old and I was married to someone I didn't like and who didn't like me.

Three years ago at this time I had a website that was useful to people and gave me something I was good at besides taking care of my kids. And on Thanksgiving I finally dared to tell people that I had to leave my marriage.

Two years ago I was writing this website while employed outside the home again, and struggling with how long and nonsensical the divorce process was.

One year ago I was writing the website while wishing my divorce would come through, not realizing that it had been final for almost a week.

Today I'm struggling to stay here while struggling to commute to a job I love in a city I hate, having learned more about myself than I ever wanted to (but I'm glad I know now), and feeling thankful that I had the courage and love for myself to get out of a bad marriage.

Thank you for being here. For reading and commenting, and cutting me slack. Thanks for helping each other out, and for saying what you know, and for asking what you don't. Thanks for giving me something to hang on for when there didn't seem to be a lot else.