Back in the swing

Am I the only one who had massive problems getting back into it this morning?

I thought I had everything set up last night: Talked to the kids about school and got them as excited as possible about it, packed lunches and prepped breakfasts ahead, laid out clothes for everyone. Seriously, I was a machine.

But then I forgot to switch my alarm back from pm to am. [Cue the "you guessed wrong" music from The Price Is Right.]

Despite all my streamlining, my older son was 7 minutes late for school, my younger one was 19 minutes late for school, and I was 25 minutes later than usual to work.

Anyone else having these same problems? I've heard of lots of people whose kids wouldn't go to bed last night.

Let's make each other feel better by confessing if we didn't quite hit it this morning. And then make a plan for doing better tomorrow. (I will do all the same prep tonight for tomorrow, but make sure my alarm is set for the correct twelve-hour period *and* time zone.)