I'm a little tapped out. Family friend was victim of a brutal attack in broad daylight yesterday (and apparently people drove by watching it happen), and another quake in Haiti, and just everything else. I had a great post in my head for yesterday about newborn poop but it never made it from my head through my fingers, but I'll work on it for tomorrow.

Here's something: I feel like I want to cry, but crying has never ever made me feel better. Thanks to all of you and having the space here to figure it out, I put it together that I'm a Tension Increaser, so crying only makes me feel worse.

Also, I'm trying to figure out something concrete to do about Haiti, and have a few friends with ties there. So when it presents itself to me I'll let you know.

I guess we need a topic for today: What's the kindst thing you've witnessed in the past 24 hours?