Q&A: newborns sleeping on people

And now for an oldie but a goodie, one more time. Ben asks:

"My son is almost 12 weeks old, and everything's great, except he still will only really sleep well on one of us. Forget getting him to fall asleep on his own in a crib. And if he falls asleep on one of us and we try to transfer him to the crib, he wakes up 10 minutes later.

I know this is all normal, and will pass, so we're not worried about it longterm. I'm just wondering if anyone whose baby did that remembers when it ends."

I do not. Which is good news. My younger one liked to sleep on his own a lot more from the get-go (and cried himself to sleep), and my older one would only sleep on someone else for awhile (and could not be allowed to cry or it was hideous).

But I have no recollection of when the older one stopped sleeping on people. (Which is a good thing, isn't it? Obviously none of us was too scarred by it, and it just resolved itself.) I could take a guess and say maybe around 4-5 months, which is when many babies start to take actual, real, more-than-20-minutes naps, too.

Before I ask for your data points if you remember them, I just want to say one more time that babies sleep differently from each other, the way adults sleep differently from each other. So pay attention to what your kid does and needs, and if it's not what the book you read is telling you, read another book (or 3 or 4). And what happens at 3 weeks/3 months/9 months/15 months/2 years/3 years does not determine your child's sleeping fate forever.

Now--when did your child stop sleeping only/better on top of a person, and start sleeping aloneish?