Spidey sense

Since I've heard the same story, with slightly different variations, twice in the last two weeks, I thought I'd say something about it.

If you are in a marriage or long-term relationship, and you feel like there's something wrong, something that you just can't put your finger on, you are probably right.

Don't discount your feelings. Don't discount that little thing inside of you that's saying "Danger!" or even just "Hmmmm..."

Wait, and watch. And while you're waiting and watching, get yourself in order. Work on your friendships, your career, your mind, and your body. Get happy with you, while knowing that whatever feels wrong probably isn't directly related to you at all anyway.

Once you are strong enough--emotionally, physically, mentally--you will discover what's going on. And by then you'll be able to handle it. Instead of falling apart, you'll call your friends, and you'll do what you need to do.

Those of us who were in the standard shouldn't-have-gotten-married relationships, who just couldn't keep a round peg in a square hole with willpower and masking tape anymore, can have a hard time understanding what it feels like to lose a marriage because of lies and deception. And people in good relationships sometimes can't even fathom how something that looks so good can go south. So just because other people might say things like "No, he would never!" or "She's not that type," don't stop trusting yourself.

You're the one in the middle of it.

You're the one who knows, even before you know.

Say what you need/want/are afraid to say in the comments...