I'm sorry. This week has beaten me. It started off so well on my work trip, but then a lot of things happened (good and bad) to mess up my sleep schedule and I've felt like I was struggling through some really, really uncooperative mixture of sand and molasses (treacle) since about Wednesday morning.

And then my URL was up for renewal and I couldn't remember my password to get in and do it and I thought it was going to disappear, and that some ill-intentioned illicit pharma manufacturer was going to grab it and you'd click over here and be offered discount vi@gr* instead of parenting talk.

And then, after I took the door handle off my kids' room so they'd stop locking themselves in and me out, they locked themselves in and me out again this morning.

Really, this is just what I'd like the world to know: I am much more than my current situation. I am so much more than just my children's mother. I love them, and would willingly die for them, but they're not all I am.

Today's topic:

1. What do you want the world to know?

2. What book are you reading, or would you be reading if you had time and an extra hand with which to hold a book? (Me: Triathlons For Women by Sally Edwards, which is a pipe dream because I have 40 non-work child-free hours every two weeks, so no time to train.)