I'm not even going to try to think of anything cute for this one

So here's a topic that's bound to bore those of you in warm climates:

What do you do when school (preschool, daycare, your babysitter can't get there, etc.) is closed because of snow or other bad weather conditions?

They just announced that NYC public schools are closed tomorrow, and I know bunches of the rest of you dealt with closings yesterday and today.

I can probably work from home (although I'm supposed to get on another plane for work on Thursday), but what about people who can't? What do you do? I'm especially thinking about it as our babysitting house of cards has been shored up a little lately, but three weeks ago this could have been an enormous disaster. What do yo do if you have to be at work and there's no place for your kids to go?

(Also, remember my ire about being puked on last week? Well, I got food poisoning/stomach flu myself on Saturday. I never ever wanted to vomit on the NYC subway, but I did. I'd really like to thank my ex-husband for rearranging every part of his Sunday that he possibly could to take the kids while I was wishing for a fast death, and for bringing me gatorade.)