Q&A: Nursing and weight loss

Heather writes:

"Do nursing moms really lose weight just by nursing or does that only happen to Hollywood moms? I eat like a health nut and chase two kids yet 9 months later I am gaining weight. WHY?????"

Well, I hate to say it, but not everyone loses weight while nursing. I think most people lose the baby weight over time (9-12 months), but some women seem to hold on to an extra 5-10 pounds until the baby stops nursing. I have no idea why--it's probably just genetics.

If, however, you're actually *gaining* weight a few months out post-partum, and you are being honest about your diet, then I'd 1) pee on a stick, 2) look at how much sleep you're getting, because lack of sleep causes weight gain, and 3) go to your doctor and get your hormones levels checked. Wacky hormones and your thyroid can cause weight gain, depression, sluggishness, etc.

Anecdotal stories of breastfeeding and weight loss? How long did it take you to lose the baby weight? Did you ever lose it? Did you lose more?