What makes your life easier?

Hello! It's my birthday! I'm 37 today.

I'm on a work trip, and because of the weather in New York City yesterday and today, my flight home was cancelled last night. And then this morning. So I'm back at the airport (from a night in a lovely-but-generic hotel) waiting to see if the afternoon flight to LGA actually leaves.

I realized last night that my mobile phone is a miracle of technology. It allowed me to:

* find out that my flight was cancelled initially

* contact my kids' dad after I got rebooked so he'd know what was up, and then contact him every time something else happened to prevent me from getting back to the city

* contact our babysitters to let them know what was going on

* find a hotel to stay in last night (and find my reward membership number so I could get priority service)

* talk to a friend who made me laugh after I got to the hotel

* recieve calls/texts/FB messages wishing me Happy Birthday

* receive the robo-call that my flight this morning was cancelled

* rebook for this afternoon

* talk to my boss and coworkers today, and keep in touch with clients

Think about the isolation and helplessness I'd have been in if I hadn't had a phone, or if phone technology didn't exist. Business travel would be scary tedium. Those aren't pillows.

So, tell me, is there something in your life that you think is a miracle? That makes it possible for you to stay sane and connected in your daily life? Maybe something that makes your life easier with kids, or helps you feel like yourself in the middle of chaos, or just something that makes things easier?

And have a great weekend, everyone!