Not being the child anymore

This is the very first year that the switch to Daylight Savings Time has been harder on me personally than it was on my kids. It made me feel kind of old, and like the baton was being passed, somehow.

I'm wondering if you all can help me with something. I couldn't answer the question for today that I was trying to work on, and realized it was because I've been thinking about this, so I just decided to ask for help.

I'm going to my hometown this weekend to help my grandmother move from the house she raised my dad in to an assisted living facility*.

I'm wondering if we're all (me, my grandmother, my parents, my uncle, my brother) just exceptionally well-adjusted about it? Or did we do our processing and grieving about it when it was my great-great-aunt doing this 10 years ago? Or are we in denial? Or is it just going to hit us hard later?

What's the process I should be expecting?

Is it possible that we'll feel sad, but mostly just relieved that she's going to be in a safer place?

I think I'm worried that we're somehow all "being strong" for each other, and it's all going to hit the fan in a big splattery mess.

Has anyone been through this? How did it go for you?

* For those of you not familiar with the name, "assisted living" in the US means a small apartment/flat inside a main building, so elderly people don't have to maintain the grounds of a house, and have more safety because they enter from a central hall, but can still usually cook for themselves in a small galley kitchen. There are also group activities--card clubs, excursions for shopping an trips, etc.--they can take part in or not. It sounds an awful lot like living in a dormitory during university, and I'd totally sign up for one right now if not for the kids. But I digress.