Watery eyes

Now with update!

Seasonal allergies. I forget I have them. In fact, I only realized that's what they were when I was mentally describing myself to myself this morning as "It feels like I'm swimming around in a vat of jello." And I remembered that that's what it felt like last year. Funny how storytelling is my main sensory mode.

Anyway, last year I tried Claritin, and the other one (Zyrtec?), and neither gave me enough relief for the side effects they caused. Since this is a 6-week problem for me, it doesn't seem to be worth going through getting allergy shots.

Then I thought about the children, and all the little kids who go through this every year, and who can't be medicated to the teeth, either. (Hey, did you know the number 1 symptom of environmental allergies in little kids is dark circles under the eyes?)

So, what do you have for me and all of us on natural treatments for seasonal allergies, that will work for adults and children? I'm going to try the Zicam nose gel stuff first, and will let you know how it goes. But what else has worked? It seems to me that acupuncture should work on this, but has anyone tried it? Vitamin supplements? Eating local honey helps a little, but not enough for me. Self-hypnosis? Any kind of wacky leaves or berries I can ingest orally or or use as a poultice?

Update: Based on advice from the comments, I'm not going to try the nose gel. Instead, I'm mainlining Vitamin C in the form of EmergenC powder (raspberry flavor, to be specific). I'm going to try for 3,000 mgs a day for this next week.