I had no hot water this morning

I'm really glad you all are still talking on Friday's post about the praise chapter of NutureShock, as the post I wrote for today and am 99% positive I saved is nowhere to be found. Which is par for the course on a day so far filled with many many small things designed to send me over the edge into maaaaadness. (What, your 5-year-old didn't get battery acid on himself at 6:45 am?)

Anyway, keep talking about meaty things over there, and I'll rewrite my brilliant (snort) post that went missing.

Other bits of business:

I'm back on Twitter, and not as conflicted as I was before, so follow me at http://twitter.com/AskMoxie (If you don't want to be on Twitter, all my Tweets feed through on the box on the right of this page.)

If you're nosy about where I work and want to follow our Twitterfeed, please do (there's a controversy going on now with a parent trying to get our games banned for teaching kids to be competitive): http://twitter.com/DimensionUGames

Also, I started a hashtag on Twitter for moms who travel for work, and you're all invited to contribute your tips or questions. It's #worktravelmom

You may recall that I called my cats "Good Cat" and "Bad Cat." They've reversed positions, and the annoying one has become quite helpful, while the sweet one is bossy and presumptuous.

And now the big(gish) news: I'd sworn off all committees at my children's schools, but have been getting so worked up about the abysmal state of school lunches that when I read the email call to join the Food Committee at the school both of my kids will be at next year I made the perhaps-rash decision to join. (If you don't have a kid in US public school and don't know why lunches would be disgusting, read the blog http://fedupwithschoollunch.blogspot.com/ in which a public school teacher photographed and ate everything the kids were served since the beginning of the year. Appalling.)

When I told my older son that I'd joined the committee to try to get better school lunches, he said, "That's ironic, since I always bring my lunch." (Yes, he said "ironic.")

But that's exactly the point. It's a struggle every day to pack his lunch and get us out of the house on time, and I think about all the working parents all across the country who go through this annoyance every day. And I think about the parents who don't have the time or money or resources or food knowledge to pack their kids' lunch, from the single mom of my son's friend who has a super-high-powered job and no time, to the kids at his school who are well below the poverty line whose parents can't afford to pack lunch for them.

Each to her own talents, and one of my talents is figuring out what needs to be done and then helping to convince people to let us do it.

It is, however, also ironic that I ate chocolate pudding and nothing else for supper the other night and now I'm on the Food Committee. But whatever, I made it from scratch and used the good vanilla and butter and dark brown sugar. And I'm an adult, and it's not the only choice I have, day in and day out, at school.

The first meeting's Wednesday morning, and I'll report back in.