The Wonder Weeks iPhone app

You all know of my love for the book The Wonder Weeks. I love it because it explains what developmental leaps happen when with your child, up through the first 15 months or so, so you know why your happy or sleeping baby is suddenly wigging out and/or not sleeping. By doing that, it revealed exactly why there's a hideous 4-month sleep regression as well as an equally-if-not-more-hideous 8-9-month sleep regression. It's a book that tells you what's going on, not what you're supposed to do. I can't count the number of times people have said to me, "It let me have patience with my baby and realize I wasn't doing anything wrong." Score. 

Read a previous review here. Buy it here.

So last week I was on Twitter and discovered that The Wonder Weeks has a Twitter feed ( and...

an iPhone app.

Which I think is just brilliant. Also, the iPhone app is only US$2 (yes, that's two dollars). Even more brilliant. Buy the app here.

Which was worse for you: the 4-month sleep regression or the 8-9-month sleep regression?

It was definitely the later one for me the first time around, because I thought we were out of the woods with sleep stuff (I hadn't seen the Wonder Weeks yet and no one bothered to tell me baby sleep wasn't at least a little bit linear).

Then the second time around I was just so much more tired that the 4-month one hit me hard.

How about you?