Spread the word (also, ouch)

I'm having some bizarre and debilitating back pain since Monday night that's making me cranky. Too cranky to be thoughtful about looking at problems and trying to pull them apart. I may post the weirdness of it later to crowdsource a fix when I can think a little better.

In the meantime, tell me what blogs you read and why. Please link them so we don't have to google. (If you put the http:// at the beginning of the URL it'll automatically link in the comments.)

My blog discovery is a new blog written by a long-time friend of mine. She's an American Christian, married to an Egyptian Muslim, and they have three kids that they're raising Muslim in the US. Her blog is called My Islamic Life, and her most recent post, "Secrecy Is Isolating," made me think a lot about how many models I've had and how daunting it would be to be raising kids without a clear path to follow. You can Twitter-follow her at @MyIslamicLIfe.