Let's push ourselves upstream

Have you ever noticed how stressed out everyone gets in August?

People just get tense and on edge. Ready to judge in a heartbeat, ready to be defensive instantly. Online, in real life. I've been hearing about nothing but meanness and hurt feelings for the last week.

I had a post all ready to go this morning, but then stepped back and it just seemed too aggressive to me. Like August Stress is getting to me, too, and I was looking to scold or start a fight. The second-to-last thing I need right now is for someone to be mean to me, and the last thing I need is to be mean to anyone else. So I clicked "Delete" on the whole post.

I feel like we should all do some kind of affirmations right now, to calm our nerves, make it all feel less high-stakes, give ourselves and each other the benefit of the doubt.

What would help you feel that relaxed-but-happy feeling of being in the zone right now?

Where's your happy place and how do you get there?

What kind thing could you do for yourself?

What kind thing could you do for someone else?