School/daycare check-in post

Everyone's been in session now for at least a week, so it's time to check in and talk about how it's going. How's your child's teacher? How's your child adjusting? How are the other parents? Did you accidentally get yourself roped into chairing any fundraisers? Are you able to get your kids into bed early enough that they can wake up rested in the morning? (We'll do the annual "sharing morning routines" and "sharing evening routines" posts next week.)

Are things you thought might be problems actually problems? Has anything come up that you did't anticipate?

I'll start:

Older son loves his teacher and seems pretty happy about things this year. I think he's finally relaxing and feeling safe at school, after three years. The academics have ramped up, though, and it's going to cut into his pleasure reading time. We'll see how he adjusts.

Younger son's Kindergarten teacher is very kind. I'm sure she has other wonderful qualities, but that's pretty much all I care about. If he learns anything in her class that will just be a bonus, because she's kind and caring the way a Kindergarten teacher should be and he's happy to go every morning. He was not excited about going to bed early the first two days, but by the third day of school he was ready to go to sleep then so he's only protesting in theory.

Now that we're sharing custody and the kids are at the same school, the routine is geometrically easier than it was last year, so I'm doing things like making deep-dish pizza for supper and staying awake until 10 pm.

How's it going for you? Share successes or troubleshoot quandaries in the comments.