Disease vector

I have strep throat. Again!

I figured out why I've been sicker this year than any other non-pregnant year in memory, though: My younger son is in his first year of public school. He was in private preschool for two years, but that was only a few days a week with a small group of kids. Now he's in a school of 600 kids all day every day, so it's just a cauldron of illnesses.

My younger son himself was sick last week, and he even infected his dad. In the 12 or 13 years I've known his dad, I can remember exactly one time he was sick enough to stay home from anything, but last week the elementary school illness felled him.

So I thought we could all talk about illness in general (cold and flu illness, not serious conditions or chronic illness) and strengthening immune systems, and how we cope.

I try to make sure we're all eating a lot of vgetables and fruits, and taking extra vitamin C, and getting enough sleep and enough exercise. For colds I like the homeopathic cold tablets and the neti pot. For strep throat I like antibiotics.

What are your tips or laments?


Updated: I also put up a post on this on When The Flames Go Up about logistics when we're sick and how it seems easier nnow that we're divorced.

Oh, and the Musical Advent Calendar is still updating daily here.